Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to remove personal items from my vehicle?

Prefferably YES. When you clear your vehcile it makes for a smooth full coverage cleansing process. If you leave items in your vehicles cup holder, side door panels, or center consol Justin will clean around those items and/or he will place items on the drivers seat. If you leave big items in your vehciles trunk area Justin will work around those items and will not be able to remove said items.

Do I need to be present during my appointment?

First time Clients. Prefferably,YES. We like you to meet and greet Justin upon arrival so he can inspect/diagnose your vehicle before providing services as some vehilce may not be a good match and may need a detail shop. IF you are unable to meet and greet Justin day of your appointment you will not receive a diagnosis prior to services and he will get right to work. Please stash the key or leave the vehicle unlocked. If you are a Member who has PREPAID AUTO CLEANSE SESSONS you DO NOT need to be present during your appointment since your vehicle has been diagnosed and has already been receiving treatment sessions.

What is the Membership and Why should I sign up?

Members can receive six or more cleansing sessions. One of many reason to become a Member is that Members pay only $60 per cleaning as non members pay $120 per cleaning. Members have access to book appointments monthly, bi monthly, or as often as they like. Getting your vehicle clean more often requires less time and product- allowing us to provide a discount to you. We offer continuose cleansing treatments sessions designed to help protect and prevent deteroration by removing dirt and light mess more often by not allowing dirt to sit and cause damage that may require a detail shop in the future. Getting your car clean more often is healthier and cost less than a one time clean.

How do I book an appointment?

If you are a new Client choose services from the NON MEMBER MENU. If you are an exisitng Prepaid Member choose services from the MEMBER MENU. Or, text/call Jade 206.422.1556

Do I need to reschedule due to bad weather?

Clients with garage or covered parking-Justin can move forward with proving services with no issues. Clients without garage or covered parking may need to reschedule or be offered interior services on a rainy day. *Justin may be able to provide a canopy tent on a rainy day depending on the circumstances. For example: rain vs. rain and wind. When the weather is windy we do not like to use the canopy because we do not want to risk the canopy falling onto your vehicle.

Whats the differnce between auto "maintenance" and auto "detail"?

Car Cycle has created a process treatment for all car interior and exteriors that protect and prevent cars from having common problems, such as track dirt, kid mess and travel mess. We cannot revive severly neglected vehciles since our treatment is designed more for protection rather than "DETAIL" and we do not heavy machinery or hard chemiclas during our cleanising process. We fix small issues before the issue becomes a big problem.

Can I share my prepaid auto credit with other people?

NO. You cannot share or gift prepaid credit to another person. We are dedicated to keeping your vehcile clean and maintained. Booking a different vehicle each session with not be beneficial to you or us. We want to upkeep your vehcile only to ensure optimal protection.

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